Stevenson, F G - Mezzotint of ship anchored on still water.


F G STEVENSON.exe. 1890-1910
Addresses in Wimbledon. Ask any print man 'What is the most difficult medium to create an original print' and he will tell you Mezzotint. Most have never tried it. As a medium it pretty-well stopped with the outbreak of WW1 in 1914
Offered is a mixed media print with drypoint etching and mezzotint. It illustrates the very subtle use of coloured inks. Signed in pencil. The print shows a 3 master anchored in still water with a ferryman and goods to the fore. It comes in an original frame and is now re-mounted (re-matted) using museum quality boards. Should be good therefore, for another 100 years or so. Image measures 155 x 405mm. A stunning piece.

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