Paton, Frank - British Interests 1899


FRANK PATON 1856-1909.
Born London, raised in Kent. Spent time in France, also Australia. Had 20 works exhibited with the RA but following a falling out with their organising committee in 1890, refused to show again. He started his famous christmas cards in 1880. They sold for a massive 10/6 ea. His publishers, E E Leggatt & Co. had the idea of FP signing copies and that is what is on offer here. All 14 were framed over 100 years ago. Were grubby and some had knot marks from the back-board. We have had them professionally cleaned and are presented with museum quality rag mounts. Should be good for another 100 years. This one is called British Interests from 1899. And is like all here, signed in pencil.

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