Aulton, Margaret - CHATEAU D'ESTAIGNE


MARGARET AULTON Exh 1920-1935.
Addresses in Birmingham. Quite strange, and I wonder why Margaret Aulton, who was perhaps the premier artist in print, in Birmingham at the time, there is no record of her membership of the RBSA. Her work was coloured or black & white etchings and featured scenes in the Midlands of England and also near Continent. She always signed in pencil and had a distinctive monogram on the plate.
'EVENING ON THE LOT; THE CHATEAU D'ESTAIGNE' is an etching with aquatint. Monocolour. This is an early MA, so approx. 1920 making it best part of 100 years old. Signed in pencil with the usual MA monogram; This one also has a title label & a Peters, Davis & Co publishers label. There is also a Peters, Davis blind stamp, bottom left. Image 225 x 300mm. In very good condition.
Is this the only MA copy of 'ON THE LOT; CHATEAU D'ESTAIGNE' left on the planet? It is almost certainly the best.

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